I have completely fallen head over heels for their Coco Love: Coconut Milk and Siren Spring Soak. With each of their soaks, I emerged from my bath beyond refreshed. Picture Aphrodite rising up from the sea foam—beauteous & birthed anew.
— Michelle P., Pomona, New York / July 2016
I feel relaxed after a long day, and my headache is gone. I can’t wait to try more!
— Samantha P., Minnesota / June 2016
I love your stuff! I’ve been making lots of ‘at home spa’ packages for my friends’ bachelorette gifts with your products! So so so fun.
— Farah H., New York, NY / May 2016


This is a killer bath soak...I was relaxed and it smelled amazing. Neck and back pain slipped away without Advil.
— Sam G., California / June 2016
Amazing! I really have fallen in love with your products, the Nordic Sea salt soak was so refreshing and centering. Can’t wait to try the scrub!
— Chanah H., Brooklyn, NY / March 2016
My mom used the Nordic Sea Soak and she said it was great! It also scented the whole room and smelled so good. Great job!!
— Nathalie E., Grass Valley, CA / January 2016

COCO LOVE (limited edition) 

I love that coconut bath soak!!! So good!!! My skin feels so damn soft.
— Tony D., New York, NY / April 2016
It was so nice to treat myself to a nice bath! I feel so relaxed now and ready to enjoy the weekend!! Thank you!!
— Elissa L., Brooklyn, NY / March 2016
Monday’s are for milk baths...with it’s soft and lovely scent, this vegan soak is the perfect treat for those warm and cozy bath rituals.
— Paula K., Ontario, Canada / March 2016
Just wanted to thank you for including so many lovely extras in my order! The coconut milk bath soak is definitely one of my all time favorites, wish it were available all year round!
— Chanah H., Brooklyn, NY / March 2016


My skin has been crazy lately - probably from the extra hot and humid weather - and a mask designed to cleanse, purify, detox, and replenish is exactly what my poor face needs right now...When I mixed the single pouch with a tablespoon of water it blended smoothly into a creamy “yogurt” consistency. I was able to spread it onto my face in an even layer with a flat foundation brush. While applying I experienced a very slight warming sensation for just a couple seconds...My skin was slightly pink afterwards but my overall completion looked clearer, and my cystic acne looked less swollen.
— Samantha P., Minnesota / July 2016
That Moroccan mud is so amazing!!! It makes my skin really smooth, helps the overall tone and makes me feel like I’m at a fancy spa!! Job well done!
— Nathalie E., Grass Valley, CA / January 2016


First day back at the gym after a long hiatus calls for a soothing bath with Dirty Mermaid Beauty.
— Crystal P., Walnut Creek, CA / January 2016
Soaking in Autumn Sea Soak after a very long drive. Perfect end to a long day!
— Jennifer C., Los Angeles, CA / January 2016
Starting off the day right with this delicious bath soak!! Thank you!
— Rhea V., Berkeley, CA / January 2016
I took my Autumn Sea Soak and it was fabulous. I feel like a Dirty Mermaid gone clean. Thanks!
— Adrienne S., Roseville, CA / December 2015


It smells like seaweed, and Bug says I look like the hulk. :) This mask didn’t dry down hard, and was pretty easy to rinse off while massaging my face with warm water. Afterwards my face looked brighter and felt so calm (especially my acne). This I’ll be looking at stocking up on!
— Samantha P., Minnesota / July 2016
The seaweed mask is ULTRA nourishing! I visibly saw red irritated skin reduced. There are 1-2 uses out of each packet. I found great success using a palette knife / modeling mask knife to mix!
— Margaret S., San Francisco, CA / April 2016
Dirty Mermaid Beauty has a wonderful organic seaweed and coconut milk mask. My skin is glowing!
— Jennifer C., Los Angeles, CA / September 2015