Location: Dirty Mermaid Studio in Flatbush/Ditmas Park
Date: Sunday, January 21st
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Cost: $25 per guest (RSVP with Keenobby required)

In this mini workshop, you will: 
1. Learn about a variety of salts used in bathing rituals and their benefits
4. Learn about different seaweed varieties and how they can aid with detoxing
5. Learn about different botanicals and extracts and how they can be used as natural dyes
2. Discover benefits of different essential oils and carrier oils and how to blend them
3. Create a customized blend of essential oils to pair with your chosen botanicals and botanical extracts
6. Discuss the idea of 360 degree self-care and learn about other self-nurturing rituals
7. Be provided with all materials, packaging and ingredients needed to create 2 customized botanical bath bombs