My favorite luxury feature...nothing’s better when you’re sick than to take a bath.
— Steve Sauer via Interview

If you can't watch the whole vid, skip to the 6 min mark to see why this guy is my HERO! Within a micro-living space of 182 square feet, Steve Sauer has found a way to put a full size soaking bath into his home. YES and seriously. His priorities are on point...and like he said, the deep soaker can double as storage space. So now you have no excuses. ;)

As I'm running Dirty Mermaid Beauty from my studio (the one where I also live/sleep..sometimes), I've recently become addicted to these YouTube vids (perhaps unhealthily so) on making small spaces work. And hopefully still feel like home! Stay tuned to see my *personal transformation* and what I geek out on when not blending Mermaid soaks and face masks for you!

And I feel I'm not alone, as a New York Times report commented that telecommuting is fast on the rise, so please feel free to share your home/studio/workspace hacks in the comments below. I appreciate the help!!