NEW!!! I'm developing a fun class on creating essential oil blends to embrace the changing seasons. It will be within the Heath & Well-Being category on the newly launched Keenobby platform. Why I love this learning-style/experience? It invites you into the maker/designer's studio space...hence I will be spending all of July cleaning the Dirty Mermaid Studio! ;) Go check out the other wonderful Keenobby classes or sign-up to be an Expertainer and share your talents as well!

Location: Dirty Mermaid Studio in Flatbush/Ditmas Park
Date: Thursday, August 4th
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Cost: $35 per person
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In the class, you will:
   1. Learn about a variety of salts used in bathing rituals and their benefits
   2. Learn about benefits of different essential oils and carrier oils and how to blend them
   3. Create a customized blend of your choice to embrace the summer season (think citrus!!)
   4. Learn about different seaweed varieties and how they can aid with detoxing
   5. Receive one-on-one instruction via ME in an intimate environment at the Dirty Mermaid Studio
   6. Be provided with all materials, Miron Glass packaging and ingredients needed to create your own customized seasonal soak blend
   7. Make a great treat-yo-self gift or give to a friend, needing relaxing