One of my FAVORITE events of the summer, the Jazz Age Lawn Party! When you board the ferry to Governors Island, you are magically transported back to the glorious 1920s and luckily it happens June (check those dates too) and August!

If you happen to get the Bonnie and Clyde package or any table package, you will receive a VIP tote, which will include a parasol, hand fan, signature picnic blanket, and an array of special treats...including the Dirty Mermaid Summer Citrus Soak.

And after a long day of Charleston dancing, picnicking and champagne cocktail sipping...a detox mineral soak is surely needed as an alternative night cap! ;)

Hope to see you there, and I am already planning my outfit! Voted by the New York Times as the most memorable events of 2011 and 2012! Come join me to see what all the fuss is about!